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PFA Statement: Proposed European Super League

Premier League Captain's Statement

The PFA has substantial concerns regarding the wide-ranging implications of the proposed European Super League concept.

Football should strive to preserve the sanctity of a competitive domestic league above all else. Aspiration and sporting merits are an essential part of any sport and a vital component of the game we love.

This proposed move would detract from the strength and joy of domestic football and diminish the game for the vast majority of fans across the continent.

Clubs across all domestic competitions are not equal, each having differing financial starting points. However, success is never guaranteed, often cyclical and always earned. We have seen countless examples around Europe of teams outperforming their resources. In recent years, at home in the Premier League, this has resulted in unrivalled global entertainment and sporting drama.

A system that rewards all clubs for success is paramount. In England, we are privileged to enjoy the most professional teams, the most professional players and in normal times, the highest aggregate attendances across the world. This success is achieved by working together and in solidarity.

The PFA will work with players, The FA, Premier League, EFL, LMA and through FIFPRO, with other players' associations, to represent the game's best interests and protect the integrity of football.

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