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Gamble Responsibly

There are a number of rules relating to professional football and betting which affect all players, managers, coaches, club staff, directors and licensed agents. These rules protect the integrity and reputation of the game, and provide clarity that decision-making in football is based entirely on merit and not for personal financial gain. Your position as a professional footballer means you are sometimes privy to information that could give you, or those you share it with, a betting advantage.

Any football-related gambling activity is strictly prohibited. If you are found to have breached any of the rules below, you could lose your career and face possible criminal charges.

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What you need to know

Don't Bet On It

The main message for players is: 'You are not allowed to place ANY bet on ANY football, ANYWHERE'.

This covers any football match or competition, wherever it is played in the world. You cannot bet on any global football market at any level, even on aspects that aren't related to gameplay, for example the next manager of a club.

Don't Pass It On

You are not allowed to pass on information that gives somebody else a betting advantage, and they cannot place bets on your behalf.

Any knowledge you have which is not publicly available, such as information about an injury, team selection or transfer news, is considered inside information. The rules are clear ­- you cannot share this information with anyone verbally, on social media or in any other way.

If someone asks you to provide inside information, you must notify The FA's Integrity Team immediately.

Protect The Game

Offering or accepting bribes or gifts in exchange for influencing the result of a match is extremely serious. It is against FA rules and may be a criminal offence.

If you are approached about match fixing, or suspect that someone you know has been approached about or is involved in match fixing, you must report it to The FA immediately. Failure to report these incidents could result in an FA charge against you. If you are not sure what to do, you can speak to the PFA in confidence.

It Won’t Stay Secret

Betting markets are closely monitored by specialist companies who are constantly reviewing data and betting patterns. If you're betting on football, they will find out.

The FA have direct links with betting operators and the Gambling Commission, the regulatory body for betting operators in this country. These organisations are aware of professional-football betting rules and notify The FA of suspicious activity in the cash, telephone and online betting markets. The FA has the power to interview you and review your private records such as itemised phone bills, betting account statements and bank statements.

If you breach the betting rules, you are likely to get caught. You will then face The FA’s disciplinary procedures and, if found guilty, you will be subject to a range of sanctions including a warning, a fine, a significant period of suspension and a possible criminal record.


Can I gamble on other sports?

Yes. You can gamble on any non-football-related betting markets, but please remember to gamble responsibly. Studies have shown professional athletes are more likely to develop problem gambling habits, so think carefully before placing any bets.

What should I do if I’ve accidentally shared confidential information?

If you have shared information that could disrupt sporting integrity, please get in touch with us or your club immediately so we can contact the relevant authorities.