Brain health

Brain Health

Transformational Change in Football

The PFA is pushing for a transformational change in football’s approach to the brain health of current and former professional footballers. The union’s focus is on the following areas:

We have two primary goals, we want to:

  1. Develop a culture of positive brain health for players across football.
  2. Enhance the quality of life for players living with neurodegenerative disease.

To achieve this, we are: 

  • Leading English football’s stakeholders into establishing a brain health support fund to provide tailored support and care for former players affected by dementia and neurodegenerative diseases.
  • Lobbying the Industrial Injuries Advisory Council to designate sport-caused neurodegeneration as an industrial disease.
  • Supporting former players and their families with access to brain health services such as our Admiral Nurse Clinic, memories clubs, legal support, and much more.
  • Funding and promoting research focused on improving current and former players brain health, including brain donation.
  • Pushing football's stakeholders, both internationally and domestically, to safeguard player brain health in both matches and training.
  • Educating players, clubs, and coaches about the need to protect the brain health of players during training and matches.
  • Developing a specialist concussion service to support current players to manage concussion more effectively.