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The Value Of Giving Back

We believe community work enriches players' lives and helps them to better understand the world outside the disciplined confines of professional sport. Building a connection with wider society can be beneficial to players' wellbeing, as it helps them understand their value beyond their performance on the pitch.

The PFA, and more importantly its members, has always been at the heart of football’s good work.

The PFA were responsible for initiating a number of pilot community schemes in clubs, with the successful concept then rolled out up and down the country. Now, as the players’ union, we continue to support and fund a range of initiatives and partnerships which give opportunities for players to work within their communities. This includes significant investment in the Premier League Charitable Fund, English Football League Trust and National League Trust.

The PFA continues to contribute substantial resources to support the vast network of Club Community Organisations which supply a vital network for the engagement of our members away from the pitch. This is acknowledged through the PFA Community Champion Awards, which highlight players who have made their work with communities and good causes central to their role as a professional footballer. 

The PFA also encourage and support members who wish to use their position and their profile for good by setting up their own initiatives or foundations.

We're committed to publicly celebrating the fantastic community outreach work players do to support Community Club Organisations (CCO) and their local communities. These initiatives elevate the football industry's reputation and inspire more footballers to recognise the power they have to make positive changes in the world.

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