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The Value Of Giving Back

We believe community work enriches players' lives and helps them to better understand the world outside the disciplined confines of professional sport. Building a connection with wider society can be beneficial to players' wellbeing, as it helps them understand their value beyond their performance on the pitch.

As a union, connections and collective power are at the heart of what we do. We want players to value social responsibility and recognise the societal influence and impact they can have on causes they care about.

When football was closely linked to hooliganism in the 1980s, the PFA initiated community schemes at six clubs in the North West of England. Following a successful pilot phase, we rolled out the concept across all 92 professional clubs. Since then, we have helped each club establish community trusts or foundations as separate charitable entities. We have remained responsible for overseeing their financial and strategic governance through the Premier League Charitable Fund, English Football League Trust and National League Trust.

We're committed to publicly celebrating the fantastic community outreach work players do to support Community Club Organisations (CCO) and their local communities. These initiatives elevate the football industry's reputation and inspire more footballers to recognise the power they have to make positive changes in the world.

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