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Making Football Inclusive

Everyone has the right to express their identity freely, and we are committed to creating an environment in football where any player who belongs to the LGBTQ+ community will feel safe, secure and supported.

Our Equalities team work hard to combat homophobia within football. We currently sit on The FA Tackling Homophobia Working Group alongside Stonewall and also represent the PFA on the TUC Homophobia Group.

In the last decade, several female players have talked openly about their sexual identity, but no current professional male players in the UK have done the same. Regardless of how they privately or personally identify, many footballers face homophobic abuse, especially online. Unfortunately, this means male footballers who are part of the LGBTQ+ community may be less likely to publically identify.

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Our Player Support Policy includes:

Currently, our support for LGBTQ+ players focuses on building an environment where they feel comfortable to be themselves. We want players to benefit from the support we offer, whether they choose to come out publicly or remain private about their personal lives.

Our Player Support Policy Includes:

  • establishing day-to-day assistance, and connecting you to an established network of LGBTQ+ sportspeople to provide additional support
  • gathering support from allies throughout football in a united show of solidarity
  • referring you for wellbeing support if required, available through our network of counsellors
  • helping to structure a communications strategy alongside your club to prepare for reactions to your announcements. This includes enhanced online monitoring to protect you from any abuse. 
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What can I do if I disagree with my club’s view on LGBTQ+ issues?

If you’re unhappy with how your club has handled a situation, we can mediate on your behalf. Get in touch with our team:

Who can I speak to at the PFA about LGBTQ+ issues?

Our team have the knowledge and experience to support you with any kind of Equalities issue that you may have, contact: However, if you’re a female player, you might feel more comfortable speaking to our Women’s Football department.