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How We Support You

As your union, we are committed to protecting your rights, wellbeing and working conditions above all else. Our Delegate Liaison department is made up of ex-players who can relate to your concerns and will do everything they can to help you overcome any issues. 

A member of our team is assigned to every club, working closely with a nominated Player Delegate to help maintain a direct channel of communication away from other influences. This keeps us closely connected, so we can quickly step in to help with any personal or professional needs you might have. 

The Delegate Liaison Executive assigned to your club will answer questions, deliver workshops about things like betting integrity and anti-doping, and support you through any official disciplinary measures. 

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As experienced industry professionals, our team are best placed to provide advice and guidance about any Football Association regulations.

We can help you avoid potential breaches and we will also make ourselves available if you need to speak to us privately. Any information we share with you will always be impartial, and if further assistance is necessary, we will suggest additional sources of support, both inside and outside the PFA.

Club Visits

We regularly visit your clubs to give workshops, deliver ballot forms and talk to you about any important information you might need to know.

These club visits are an ideal time for you to feedback your views on your club, the assistance you receive from the PFA or the industry in general. If you are struggling with any part of your career, we will help you to access the support you need. These visits help us maintain a crucial, honest, two-way dialogue that helps us better understand your needs and work out the best ways to support you.


As the PFA have negotiated the standard terms of your contract, your Delegate Liaison Executive can go through these with you, to help you to make informed decisions in your best interest.

Our advice will always include clarity about your obligations, what you can expect from your club and where to find additional support should you need it. We also help shape the terms of the standard professional footballers’ contract via the PFNCC (Professional Football Negotiating and Consultative Committee). Here, we come together with representatives from the leagues and The FA under an independent chairman. Our role is to ensure any changes made to your contract are in your best interests.



What is a Player Delegate?

A Player Delegate is a current player who works closely with the Delegate Liaison Executive assigned to your club. The Player Delegates help us to gather the team’s opinions on issues and distribute key information from the PFA to the rest of the squad.

Who is my representative at the PFA?

Every club is assigned a Delegate Liaison Executive who should be your first point of call if you need any union support. It will usually be this member of the team who will support you through any formal procedures. However, other members of the Delegate Liaison or Equalities team might act as your rep in specific situations.