Survivor Support

Survivor Support Advocate Service

The Survivor Support Advocate (SSA) service provides free and confidential support to anyone who has experienced abuse while involved in football. 

The service was set up in 2019 as a joint venture between the PFA and The FA to create a safe space for survivors, providing a caring pathway of support that prioritises their wellbeing. Help is available for survivors of any type of abuse and covers both non-recent and current abuse.

The SSA service provides a wide range of support, including:

  • Listening and emotional support.
  • Signposting wellbeing support such as therapy and counselling.
  • Sharing information about legal processes and specialist representation.
  • Preparing you for what to expect if you pursue a claim.
  • Advice about debt, benefits and housing.
  • Help with applications for further support via the Players Foundation and FA Benevolent Fund.

To access this support, you must have reported your abuse to an official organisation such as the police, the NSPCC, The FA or the PFA. If you have yet to disclose your abuse, the SSA service can support you through the reporting process. 

The service is available to all current and former PFA members. The FA’s support of the service ensures survivors who are not  PFA members can also access the help they need, including coaches, referees, officials, volunteers and anyone else who might have been affected.

Any survivor who accesses the service will receive confidential receive support from specialist counsellors. All information you share with the SSA is entirely confidential, unless you are at immediate risk of harm or highlight a potential safeguarding issue where children or vulnerable adults may be at risk.

We understand that coming forward is a significant step and hope that accessing this service can reduce the ongoing impact of your trauma.

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If you would benefit from SSA support, please get in touch: