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Addressing All Forms Of Discrimination

In addition to racist, misogynistic and homophobic abuse, professional footballers can also be impacted by prejudice related to other aspects of their identity. As your union, the PFA will always support you through any type of discrimination you face, both on and off the pitch.

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For most players, professional football is a short-lived career, but you can count on PFA support from the moment you sign as a scholar, throughout your playing career and beyond. No PFA support is off-limits because of your age. All our services, including coaching, education and wellbeing support, are available for current and former professional footballers, no matter how old you are or how long you played as a professional.


A disability shouldn’t cost anybody the opportunity to watch, play or participate in football, so we’re committed to making football as accessible as possible. We also know that many disabilities aren’t immediately, or ever, visible. That’s why we include training in our equality and diversity workshops to ensure players understand how to remain respectful and considerate of others at all times.


Professional footballers should be able to openly observe any faith or spiritual practice of their choice without fear of prejudice or misunderstanding. As the players’ union, we work with clubs to help them understand the specific cultural needs players might have, so that all players are properly supported.

In 2021, our Equalities team began delivering workshops to coaching and player-care staff at clubs ahead of the start of Ramadan. These workshops outline how clubs can modify training and facilities to support Muslim players who observe fasting. Our team also provided solutions to common issues that many clubs were unaware of that can impact player wellbeing, such as dietary requirements and living arrangements.

We also provide funding to Sports Chaplaincy UK, an organisation that ensures players of any or no faith can access spiritual and pastoral support in their working environment. The organisation provides confidential advice and can help clubs set up prayer rooms and quiet spaces for players to observe their religious practices.

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