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Homeless World Cup

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The Homeless World Cup is an annual tournament that connects more than 70 street-football organisations all over the world to shine a light on one of the most pressing and complex problems for the global community. Every year, the Homeless World Cup Foundation delivers a week-long street football tournament for more than 500 players who have all faced homelessness and social marginalisation.

As part of our ongoing educational programme in South Africa, the PFA hosts a Homeless World Cup selection tournament each year with our charity partner Oasis - a non-government organisation (NGO) working with young homeless people in townships across the Western Cape. The winners of the selection tournament form a team who then go on to represent South Africa in the Homeless World Cup.

Teams from approximately 55 countries play in a purpose-built stadium in the heart of the host city, where the universal language of football helps players come together and overcome language and cultural barriers. The PFA also help FIFPro select and present the FIFA Fair Play Award each day of the tournament.

Our support for the homeless communities in South Africa doesn't stop when the tournament ends. Our funding helps Oasis run a thriving football programme so they can nurture players from young children right through to adult leagues. Oasis also supports men and women living on the streets by offering them opportunities to turn their lives around through education, mentoring, accommodation and counselling.

Homeless World Cup

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