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Protecting Players

The PFA has been committed to anti-racism for decades, and has spearheaded cross-industry work to keep hatred, bigotry and abuse out of football. Unfortunately, a recent resurgence of racism towards players, both on and offline, has called for a renewal of current industry policy to keep players safe.

Our Equalities department’s primary goal has always been to support players who are victims of racist abuse, but we also educate players about racism, collaborate with anti-racist football charities and use our influence to call for changes to protect our members.

Report incidents of racism.

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We operate a zero-tolerance policy for racist language, behaviour or conduct. If you receive any type of abuse from a fan, coach, colleague or manager, please contact us on so we can help you log the incident and issue a report to The FA for further action.



How does the PFA increase representation across football?

We support multiple initiatives to increase representation at all levels within the sport. This includes work we carry out directly and various collaborations with our partners in coaching, governance and management.

Will the PFA give me independent advice?

Yes. We’re not affiliated with any clubs, leagues or governing bodies, and we will always put your needs first.