pull up for change

Pull Up For Change

Diversity and Representation

Following global conversations about racism and representation in the summer of 2020, the PFA joined the social media initiative #pullupforchange. The initiative was a call for greater transparency about representation across all industries, which we believe could be a significant step toward tackling systemic racism within football.
We released our own diversity statistics and encouraged the leagues, clubs, governing bodies, sports broadcasters, community foundations, sports charities, brands and sponsors to publicly share the level of diversity within their organisations.  
Although other organisations have yet to disclose this information, we steadfastly believe this level of transparency is necessary to move things forward. The entire football industry needs to share data so we can build a clear picture of where things currently stand.
This will help us to hold each other accountable and will give us a starting point to begin initiating meaningful change. Only then will it be possible to ensure the representation of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic players extends beyond the pitch into coaching, management and at board level. 



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