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Working With Your Club

Overseeing Community Work

Since 2008, the PFA has assisted club community officers at board level to ensure they create a strong and sustainable player code of practice to underpin the community work they carry out. The code of practice is measured against an 11-point Community Player Engagement Plan, which is created each season and that every club must follow. This plan outlines PFA recommendations for effective player engagement and helps clubs make community work more engaging and meaningful for players.

Working with your club


Where can I find full details of the 11-point plan?

The full 11-point plan and all supporting documents will be sent to every club community officer before the start of each season.

How does the PFA ensure that all the points in the 11-point plan are fulfilled?

Our team regularly check in with players, partners and club community trusts to lend our support and see that the plan is being followed. While we don’t micromanage how clubs carry out their community work, this plan provides an easy-to-use framework that makes community work more efficient, effective and engaging for players.


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