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Our Charity Work

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As part of our commitment to corporate social responsibility, the PFA has continued to support many worthy causes outside the professional game. This has usually taken the form of small donations, gifting of sports kits to schools and ongoing support for charitable organisations such as:

  • Diane Modahl Foundation
  • Sport Connections Foundation
  • Grenfell Outreach
  • The National Football Museum
  • Don't X The Line

In the run-up to the 2010 World Cup, we also made a commitment to support the development of charitable organisations in South Africa, hoping to use the power of football to help unite and inspire education providers, community groups and underprivileged children. Starting that year and every year since, the PFA has visited South Africa, partnered with The British and South African High Commissions and provided assistance to grassroots sports charities focusing on HIV awareness, gender violence and deprivation, such as:

  • Tackle Africa
  • The Desmond and Leah Tutu Foundation
  • Robben Island Museum
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How does the PFA choose organisations to support?

Our corporate social responsibility goals focus heavily on using football to improve wider society, so the organisations we choose are usually sport-related. However, we are passionate about many good causes, and look to support organisations that resonate with our values as often as possible.


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