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Supporting Women Against Discrimination

Despite being elite athletes, female footballers often encounter sexist discrimination and abuse. Like all women, female players have to navigate unwarranted criticism and overwhelming scrutiny of their abilities and performance, simply for being women. This type of abuse is called misogyny.

As the players’ union for footballers playing in the Women’s Super League, protecting and supporting female players is one of our top priorities.

This has included supporting the professionalisation of the women’s game since 2000 and working closely with The FA to develop centralised contracts for female players at national and league level. These contracts protect players from gender-based discrimination and make sure key issues such as maternity rights are not overlooked.

Our commitment to our female members also means they have full parity with their male counterparts and can access all PFA and PFA Charity support and services. We also launched a department dedicated to women’s football in early 2020, to keep up with the rapid development of the women’s game, represent our female members and provide focused attention to their specific needs. 

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I’m not happy about how my club has handled a gender issue, can you help?

We’re here to support you with any equalities issues you might be facing. If you’re unhappy with your club’s behaviour, we can mediate on your behalf. Get in touch with our team:

Will there be repercussions if I report gender discrimination?

Any conversations we have with you about gender discrimination will be treated with the strictest confidence. We will offer you advice and then support you, no matter what course of action you decide to take.