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    Women's football

Championing The Women’s Game

The PFA is proud to have supported women’s football for over twenty years, championing the sport at all levels and providing crucial support for players. Our commitment to elevating the women’s game has always been clear, and our Women’s Football department was created in 2020 to better support female professional footballers as the women’s game grows.

All union support for female footballers now comes from the Women’s Football department. We negotiate the contracts for England’s Lionesses, and consistently push for better facilities and fairer treatment in the hope England Women can reach parity with the men’s teams. We also make sure female players’ national and league contracts include provisions specifically for women, such as maternity rights. As their union, we also represent the voice of our female membership via an internal PFA Women's Sub-Committee, and we are pushing for the creation of a Women’s Professional Football Negotiating & Consultative Committee and in front of various governing bodies to ensure the needs of the women’s game remain a priority for all football stakeholders.

We believe representation is essential for the progression of women’s football. To ensure the rights of women involved in sport will always be protected, we want to encourage and elevate women into senior board and governance roles. This creates a visible pathway of post-football opportunities for female players and serves as inspiration for the generation that follow.

Our plans also include extending access to the PFA’s Youth Advisory materials to young female players and providing women-centred support that addresses key issues that significantly impact women, such as body image. We’d also like to work closely with our female membership to understand their specific needs so we can tailor our support.

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Women's football

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