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Player Workshops

Player Workshop Goals

We want all players to understand what is expected of them, so we deliver equality and diversity, and personal integrity workshops at clubs across all English leagues. Our team of former professionals know what it’s like to be a player, and can help you understand what kind of behaviour is acceptable. 

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Equality and Diversity Workshops

Equality and Diversity Workshops

Our equality and diversity workshops help players understand more about discrimination, prejudice and bias.

During these sessions, we’ll discuss what constitutes discrimination and help you practise mindful behaviours to ensure you are being a respectful teammate. By the end of the session, you’ll be able to:

  • identify inappropriate behaviour
  • challenge discriminatory incidents effectively
  • correctly report any incidents you might witness
  • engage in dressing-room banter without offending others

Personal Integrity Workshops

Our personal integrity workshops highlight the importance of consent and respect in personal relationships.

Your behaviour off the field is scrutinised just as heavily as your performance on the pitch. Personal integrity and respect for other people’s boundaries is essential. Our sessions can help you understand which behaviours constitute coercion and abuse. You’ll also learn how to:

• identify any possible safeguarding issues

• navigate potentially dangerous situations

• create healthy boundaries

• access confidential support


Are these workshops compulsory?

While these workshops are not compulsory, you’ll get a lot of value from them. We have committed to running a workshop at every club once a season. The advice and guidance you’ll receive will help you understand complex issues, and teach you how to be a better teammate and protect yourself from getting involved in inappropriate behaviour.

Can I request a workshop at my club?

If we’ve not been to your club this season, please speak to your club secretary to check the details of any upcoming workshops. If none are scheduled, you can request one through your club, or contact our team directly: