Family support advisors

Family Support Advisors

Family Support Advisors

If you or a loved one has received a diagnosis of a neurodegenerative disease, or you if have general concerns about your brain health, please contact the PFA’s family support team.

Our Family Advisors will work closely with you, and various dementia support specialists, to build a strong network that gives you and your family member the emotional and practical support to face dementia with dignity.

Navigating life after a diagnosis can feel isolating, but our dedicated Support Advisors Rachel Walden and David Ryan come from football families and backgrounds, and both have lived experience caring for family members who had developed different forms of dementia. With this unique insight, they are well placed to help you process a difficult diagnosis. They’ll also be able to signpost support that can otherwise be difficult to find and help you access a wide range of emotional and practical assistance.

The support provided to each family will be determined by the stage of dementia your family member is experiencing and tailored to accommodate your individual circumstances. Your Family Advisor will spend time talking with you to gain a clear picture of your needs, so we can understand how best to support you and your family. All interactions with your family advisor will be confidential.

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