PFA Youth Advisory delivers first pre-academy support sessions

The PFA’s Youth Advisory team was recently invited to deliver a series of education and support sessions to the parents and guardians of Mansfield Town’s youth players. 

This marked the first time that the PFA’s Youth Advisory sessions have been delivered to the families of players not yet fully entered into the academy system.  

The PFA was invited by Mansfield Town to speak with the families of their pre-academy, and under-9 to under-16 age groups. Delivered by the Head of PFA Youth Advisory, George Bowyer, the sessions provided the parents and guardians of youth players with free, impartial advice about the academy system and how they can best support their children on what can often be a complex and challenging journey.  

George Bowyer, Head of the PFA’s Youth Advisory department, said: 

“Delivering our youth advisory service to the families of players who haven’t yet entered the academy system is a really exciting first for the PFA. 

“The academy system can be difficult to navigate for both players and families. So, offering guidance at an early stage can be hugely beneficial. Huge credit must go to Mansfield Town, whose proactive approach to their pre-academy set up care will make a positive difference to players.”  

Stacey Ward, Player Care Lead at Mansfield Town, said hosting such sessions can help to foster an inclusive and transparent environment within the club.  

She said: “Our view is that embracing transparency and inclusivity helps us foster a positive environment within our academy.  

“Our parents found the sessions incredibly informative, and we were happy to have furthered our commitment to their children’s holistic development at Mansfield Town.”  

Richard Cooper, Academy Manager at Mansfield Town, said:

"These workshops provide parents, guardians and players with a better holistic understanding of all areas of youth development. The PFA plays a crucial role in every aspect of the academy experience and we’re grateful for their support."



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