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Windrush 75

Paul Canoville, Chelsea

This week saw the 75th anniversary of Windrush arriving in the UK on 22 June 1948, bringing more than 800 new arrivals from the Caribbean.

This moment has come to symbolise the post-war Commonwealth migration that has transformed Britain into the diverse society we share today. Windrush 75 is being marked by institutions across Britain, from the Royal Mint to the Royal Family, the NHS and the BBC.

Given the vast contribution to the game made by Black and ethnic minority players past and present, the players' union and the wider football community had a prominent role to play in the Windrush 75 anniversary celebrations.

The PFA caught up with Howard Gayle, Paul Canoville, Omari Hutchinson and Luther Blissett OBE to recognise how our game has been transformed for the better by the legacies of Windrush. This was a moment to salute the contributions of those black footballing pioneers who had to break down the barriers of prejudice so today’s stars could follow in their footsteps.

Interview: Luther Blissett OBE

Interview: Paul Canoville and Omari Hutchinson

Interview: Howard Gayle

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