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Fulham FC Foundation help young student to improve at working with others in school

Fulham teaching Franklyn the value of teamwork

There can be a thin line between healthy and unhealthy competition but, with help from the Premier League Inspires programme, which is supported by the PFA and the Fulham FC Foundation, young student Franklyn is getting the balance right.

"Last year we had a few issues with Franklyn struggling to work with others," says Mr Thomas, a teacher at Franklyn's secondary school, Elmgreen in West Norwood, south London. "He's very competitive, and sometimes that spilled over into the classroom."

So Elmgreen got Franklyn to engage at school in one-to-one sessions with the Foundation's coach Richard Morris.

"It's a totally different story now," says Mr Thomas. "He's matured and PL Inspires has helped him work much better as a team member, and his behaviour issues have considerably dropped."

Franklyn has seen the change in himself too.

"Inspires has helped my behaviours outside and inside the classroom," he explains. "The programme helped me enjoy school more.

"The most important skills I've learnt is teamwork, because I play a lot of sport and it has helped me in the classroom as well.

"I don't get frustrated straight away. It makes me feel good because you get to work in a team, which is important outside school and in life."

Fulham are among 31 PL and EFL club community organisations who ran Inspires sessions last season at their stadiums or in local schools and organisations. 

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