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PFA Statement: European Super League

Bruno Fernandes and Kevin de Bruyne

We welcome news that the six English clubs have abandoned the European Super League.

Sport with certainty, without jeopardy, void of aspiration and reward - is not sport. It's just commercial content.

Football is a shared experience across Europe. It is in our collective DNA, culture and heritage.

This divisive and closed concept ultimately united the football community. However, this is a seismic event that has shaken football to its core. The impact will be long-lasting. 

There needs to be a period of reflection within the game. These events should now be the start of a process rather than the end.

We are proud of our members - many put in a difficult position by their club's owners - who stood up for the game they love. 

Speaking out as fans and as part of the wider football family, our former players also used their platforms effectively and often devastatingly. With absolute conviction, they passionately articulated why the preservation of the domestic game is so important.

We also commend the media and journalists who held this concept to account. 

Finally, we applaud the fans! So-called 'legacy fans'. Supporters from all clubs put aside allegiances to present one voice - the fan's legacy. Football has not been the same with the absence of supporters from the grounds. Football is your game. We need to ensure it always will be.

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