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PFA Players’ Board Ballot

Players' Board

The Players’ Board ballots explained:

All current members who have applied to be on the Players' Board are automatically included on the ballot.

Due to the number of applications received from former members, a sub-committee of the current Players' Board identified a shortlist of candidates.

When shortlisting the applications from former members, the Players’ Board sub-committee considered whether the former player candidates had demonstrated the following factors, skills and attributes:

  • Being committed to helping the PFA and its members
  • Being willing to go above and beyond
  • Being best placed to offer guidance and support to the new CEO
  • Being able to provide complementary skill sets to the current members on the new Board
  • Being forward-thinking and motivated
  • Having a strong ongoing connection with football
  • Having experience of dealing with and overcoming adversity
  • Having a diverse range of thoughts and experiences
  • Having experience of bringing about change

The Players' Board committee was highly conscious of shortlisting the former player candidates for the ballot in a fair and non-biased way. Objective and impartial measures were used when reviewing the applications received from existing members of the current Players' Board. These measures included factors such as engagement with meetings, attendance and overall commitment to the PFA.

Thank you!

The Players' Board committee would like to express their gratitude for the time and effort that all candidates spent in preparing their applications and would strongly encourage applicants who were not shortlisted in this instance to apply again in the future.

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