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#WePlayStrong podcast with Lucy Bronze

lucy bronze

In the latest #WePlayStrong podcast, England and Manchester City star Lucy Bronze discusses important issues that relate to female athletes, with this episode titled ‘The One Where We Shouldn’t Mention Our Periods.'

Bronze, along with hosts Rocky Hehakaija and Nadia Nadim, discuss stress incontinence and the effects the menstrual cycle can have on performances, while emphasising the importance of normalising these themes.

Bronze, who has a degree in Sports Science is looking into fascinating research between menstrual cycles and injuries.

The trio are hoping that by talking more openly about these topics, girls and women can learn and share from Lucy’s experiences and overcome challenges which are currently not discussed as often as they should.

The #WePlayStrong podcast series is the first women’s football podcast from UEFA.

To listen to the podcast, click here.


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