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Josh Brownhill says footballers have played their part during pandemic

Josh Brownhill

Burnley midfielder Josh Brownhill has launched a series on his social media channels, promoting the local shops and businesses in Burnley, to help those who have been struggling as a result of the pandemic.

He told BBC Sport: "It was about what I can do on a personal level to help these local businesses."

Joining Burnley from Bristol City in January of last year, Brownhill could not explore the local area due to a nationwide lockdown beginning in March, but as everything started to open up again, he began going to the local shops and building relationships with them.

"After going past all these different shops, including ones that weren't even open, you realise a lot of people are going to struggle with this.

"Even now, shops that are back open are struggling just because of how long it [the pandemic] has gone on."

Brownhill noted that his efforts to help raise awareness are not for "recognition," but instead about how he could help the local community of Burnley, adding: "You know that it won't just be me doing something It will be a lot of other footballers doing their own thing, helping the community, and it all goes under the radar a little bit because not a lot of people would publicise it and get it out there.

"As a whole, everybody in football did their part with donating on different levels."

He noted that the videos have created interest among the local community: "I have got loads of messages from people not knowing the shops were there," he said. "Whether one or 20 people go in, it will help and make people think about using independent stores.

"I have got a social media platform that a lot of people in Burnley follow, so it was about using that to my advantage.

"The video was seen by half a million people, which is great. It is only going to help."

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