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Over the last few months, both domestically and internationally, there have been a number of high-profile racist incidents directed at players. The boycott acts as a show of unity by the players, and a call for stronger action to be taken by social networks and footballing authorities in response to racist abuse both on and off the pitch.

The boycott is the first step in a longer campaign to tackle racism in football. The PFA will continue to work closely with The FA and government to ensure more is done to tackle racist abuse, while also seeking to put pressure on both FIFA and UEFA.


Friday 19th April, 9am


We would encourage you to post the following on the following social platforms - Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.


  1. Change your profile photo
  2. Post the main graphic
  3. Post the caption below
  4. Disable comments (optional - download instructions here)
  5. Don't post anything else (including likes or retweets) for 24 hours.

Caption to use with post:


We are making a stand against racist abuse.

We recognise that our platforms come with responsibility, and so we are using our voice to stand against racist abuse.

Together, we are calling on social media platforms and footballing bodies to do more!

Images to use:

Profile photo


Image to post


Example graphic...


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