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The PFA’s Transfer List. Here’s what you need to know ...

If your club doesn’t offer you a new contract or the contract on the table isn’t what you hoped for, you can choose to seek a new contract at a new club using the PFA’s Transfer List.

The list has been in place for over 20 years and player profiles on it are circulated to all clubs in the UK and abroad.

Freshly updated, this footballing shop window is now available on the PFA website - click here.

Ending a contract ...

At the end of each season, usually by the third Saturday in May, players whose contracts are due to expire will be told whether they are being offered a new deal by their current club or are being released. 

PFA deputy chief executive John Bramhall explains: "If a new deal is offered and the player decides to turn it down, the risk for players over the age of 24 is greater," 

Bramhall continues: "if the terms of the offer are no less favourable than their previous contract and they turn it down, then they would not be entitled to severance pay should they not obtain a new club in July.

"For players under the age of 24 it is slightly different. If the offer they receive is no less favourable than their previous contract and they turn it down, compensation would be due if they were to join another club.

If this fee cannot be agreed between the two clubs, the compensation can be determined once the player has signed. The decision rests with the Professional Football Compensation Committee on which the PFA sit to assess such fees and to ensure the player's position is represented."

Adding details to the Transfer List ...

Players in either of these positions should ensure that their details are up-to-date and included on the PFA Transfer List as soon as they are aware of their future status - even if they have an agent working on their behalf.

The list is easily accessible (to clubs and players) via the PFA website, where it features player photos and in-depth career profile data supplied by Scout7.

How the PFA helps ...

The Transfer List is one of the benefits of being a member of the PFA - it’s effectively a clearing house at the end of every season. All clubs are aware of the list and regularly search the site for information on players. Clubs are able to log into the site and request contact details which are automatically sent to them via email. The PFA also receives enquiries from overseas football clubs regarding player availability.

It’s important that players are proactive about updating and maintaining their profile, giving themselves the best opportunity to impress. The good news is that the majority of players who appear on the Transfer List ultimately go back into the game in some capacity.

Next steps ...

If you find yourself without a club for next season, make sure that all of your details appear on the Transfer List, even if you have an agent representing you. Create an account on and update the information yourself. It’s easy to do.

A speedy response is essential. There are a lot of players moving around the system these days - 12 month contracts are popular, but in some cases players are signing six month deals or even monthly agreements. It’s another shop window for your talents, giving you the best chance of getting noticed and securing your footballing future when the new season starts.

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