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FutureLearn has been providing online courses for learners worldwide since launching in 2012. During that time, they’ve worked closely with many top universities, academic institutions, professional bodies, and educators, welcoming over 13 million learners to their platform.

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Helping to make education accessible to all, FutureLearn provides over 1,200 courses across a diverse range of subjects, including many sport-related fields. Whether you’re interested in learning the fundamentals of nutrition or the social history of sport, you’ll find a whole host of learning opportunities.

No matter what level of a sporting organisation you’re at, you’ll find relevant and useful content that can help you build your skills and knowledge. For those leading people and teams, you’ll find various resources that can help boost your leadership and management qualities. Similarly, those looking to improve their sports performance through sports psychology will find opportunities to do so. 

And it’s not just those directly involved with sports and coaching that can benefit. FutureLearn offers courses on many of the competencies related to the business side of sports. Whether it’s building your digital skills or working on your knowledge of accountancy, you can expand your understanding. 


Along with the many free, short courses offered by FutureLearn, there are also more detailed and expansive forms of learning. With their ExpertTrack learning subscriptions, you can delve deep into many different subjects. Similarly, microcredentials give you the chance to earn professional or academic credentials in emerging fields. You can even find online degrees on a host of different subjects.

All of FutureLearn’s courses can be completed online and in your own time, giving you the flexibility to learn whenever suits you. So, whether you’re looking to enhance your knowledge, gain qualifications, or boost your CV, you’ll find a range of flexible opportunities to study. 

If you’re looking to learn about specific careers, you can also check out FutureLearn’s career advice pages, where you can discover and develop the skills you’ll need for particular jobs: click here.


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There are no entry requirements.


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You can find a selection of relevant courses on FutureLearn’s collections page for the PFA.



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