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Premier League To Reintroduce Five Subs Rule Next Season

Premier League reintroduce the 5 sub rule...

The PFA welcomes today’s announcement that five player substitutions will be allowed in all Premier League matches from next season.

Initially introduced in 2020 to combat player fatigue during Project Restart, Premier League stakeholders reinstated the rule after repeated calls from players, captains, managers and the PFA.

The move follows the International Football Association Board’s confirmation earlier this month that all competitions would have the option to allow five substitutions per match from June 1st. The new guidelines will bring Premier League rules in line with other major European leagues, where five subs have been the norm for the last two seasons.

Clubs will have three opportunities to use their substitutes during the match, with an additional opportunity at half-time. They will also be allowed to name nine substitutes on the team sheet for each match.

PFA Chief, Maheta Molango said, “When meeting our members, the most common issue they want to discuss is the impact of fixture congestion. It’s clear to me that the number of games being played is directly affecting players’ health and wellbeing.

“The adoption of this rule is a welcome step forward in what needs to be an ongoing effort to address issues with player fatigue, making sure they have the opportunity to perform at their best and to maintain the competitive edge that makes English football the best in the world.”


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