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PFA CEO Maheta Molango caught up with Ben Foster I The Fozcast

Maheta Molango and Ben Foster

PFA CEO, Maheta Molango, caught up Ben Foster on the Fozcast as the first ever guest in the brand new Spotify studios in London.

Current Watford and former England goalkeeper, Ben Foster, is joined weekly by co-host Tom Ochoa for his podcast, the Fozcast, where they welcome an exciting range of guests that include top level athletes, content creators and people with an interesting story to share! 

Molango joined Foster for his fifth episode of season 3, "The BIGGEST Job In Football? | Head Of The PFA!", which premiered on Sunday 13th March, to discuss some important topics including social media in football, football as a workplace and how the PFA will continue to help professional players up and down the country and the league pyramid also.

To listen, click here or to watch, click here

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