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Following an in-depth, independent governance review, the PFA is embarking on a transformational change process throughout the organisation. This includes the creation of a new Operational Board which will comprise four newly appointed Independent Non-Executive Directors (INEDs), the Chair and Vice-Chair of the Players’ Board, the Chief Executive Officer and the Finance Director. The appointments process will be subject to Trade Union rules and the members will, therefore, ultimately elect all Board members, including the INEDs and the Chief Executive Officer. 

The INEDs will be expected to provide independent advice and support and challenge the PFA Executive to help maximise the PFA’s effectiveness. Together with the other members of the PFA the INEDs will be responsible for ensuring that the PFA works effectively and transparently in exercising and discharging its powers, fulfils the decision-making authority that has been delegated to it and leads on relevant matters related to professional football for men and women across the country.  

The Operational Board will be responsible to the Players’ Board for the governance, oversight, strategy and risk of the PFA and its Executive and will delegate operational delivery to the Chief Executive and the management team. The Operational Board will oversee the Executive’s work, adhering to the principles of good governance and act on a collective basis operating on the principles of responsibility, support and respect. It will take decisions after considering recommendations made to it by the PFA Executive and the subsidiary committees.  

The recruitment of the INEDs is being managed by the PFA’s Selection Panel, which is chaired by Gary Neville. He is joined by John Mousinho and Edward Canty. They seek to recruit an inclusive and diverse group of INEDs with a combination of different and complementary skill sets and experiences, creating a truly exceptional team.  

These roles are remunerated at £40k per annum; business travel expenses are reimbursed in accordance with the PFA’s policy.   

The initial responsibility of the INEDs will be to run the process to recruit the new Chief Executive Officer. It is therefore envisaged that the time commitment for the initial quarter will be much more intense than that expected on an on-going basis. There will also be a requirement for the INEDs to be highly involved in the first six months to lead the restructuring of the organisation

Each INED will sit on the PFA Enterprises board and at least one of the sub-committees, chairing the Remuneration, Governance Risk and Audit and Nomination Committees.  

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