2019/20 PFA Community Player Engagement Review

Scott McTominay, Manchester Utd

The PFA’s Community Department is committed to raising awareness of the extensive work and participation of players in support of community and charitable engagement. 

We extend our support, guidance and involvement across many diverse areas of activity in Health, Education, Social Inclusion, Sports Participation and Equalities, emphasising our responsibility to make a positive difference in society. As a union we continue to be proactive, continue to raise standards of support to players and encourage greater cooperation from football clubs to adapt their philosophy towards corporate social responsibility.

The 2019/20 campaign is one we will never forget both on and off the pitch. As a result of Covid-19 we have seen the worst public health crisis for a generation, and here in the UK one of the highest casualty rates of the pandemic anywhere in the world. However, during this unprecedented period there has been a real sense of shared solidarity by Club Community Foundations and players alike who have risen to the challenge to help effect positive change in our society. We celebrate these acts of generosity and compassion. 

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