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Players have shown a clear and united position

Taking the knee...

Tonight, fans will see players take a knee in protest of racial inequality and injustice.

Taking a knee is not showing support for any organisation. It is a peaceful protest and an act of solidarity dating back to the civil rights movement. More recently, it was brought to prominence in sport by former NFL quarterback, Colin Kaepernick.

To conflate players taking a knee with support for any organisation is misleading and undermines the very message the players are giving.

Players have shown a clear and united position. Collectively, they have demonstrated leadership in using their platform to protest against racial injustice globally. They have acted with empathy, respect and dignity. 

Not everyone will be comfortable with a protest against racism. 

It should be up to the players to choose the form of protest, as opposed to making it palatable to those who may object to a gesture, whatever form it takes.

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