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Football anthology gets backing from stars across the world

Dick Bate, watford

An anthology of the work of the late football coach educator, Dick Bate, has been released to raise funds for the brain tumour charity at the hospital that treated him.

The Dick Bate Football Anthology is a collection of thousands of documents written by Dick over the course of his fifty year career, and has received support from football stars including Gareth Southgate, Wayne Rooney and Ole Gunner Solskjaer. 

Dick Bate is considered by many to be the greatest coach educator of his generation, inspiring thousands of coaches around the world in their individual pursuit of excellence. Dick’s fifty year career took him around the world, making him a well-known and loved figure throughout the footballing world.

Sadly, Dick passed away in April 2018, having been diagnosed with a brain tumour for which he received world class  treatment at the Queen Elizabeth hospital, Birmingham. It was whilst under the care of Consultant Neurosurgeon Ismail Ughratdar, that he became aware of the work of the Giles' Trust. The Giles’ Trust was set up by England cricket legend Ashley, and his wife Stine, after she received treatment for brain tumours at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham. The Giles’ Trust raises funds to support brain tumour research. Dick made it his goal to raise funds for the organisation.

Dick's wife Maggie, has since gone on to raise £50,000 for The Giles’ Trust and said:

“Aside from family, Dick’s work was his life, and he has left a wonderful legacy. It seems only fitting to now release this anthology for others to benefit from, and in doing so enable him to do as he vowed, to raise funds for The Giles’ Trust.”

Influential figures from the world of football have shown their support for the anthology and have reflected on the influence that Dick had on the beautiful game. 

Gareth Southgate, England Men’s First Team Manager, said: “I think like all English coaches Dick Bate had a huge part to play in my coach education. Somebody who made you think, who stimulated you to go and learn more about the game and to really study and think about coaching in a deeper sense.”

Wayne Rooney, First Team Coach at Derby County, said: “First and foremost, Dick was a great person and a good man. He was a great help to me during the early stages of my career. I learnt so much from him and over the years I have never forgotten him and what he stood for.”

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