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Thomas Beattie

This year former Hull City academy player, Thomas Beattie, became the first male English footballer, since Justin Fashunu, to publicly state that he is gay. 

The PFA’s Head of Equalities, Simone Pound, recently caught up with Thomas to discuss how the PFA can ensure sports are more inclusive for the LGBT community and the importance of protecting our players. 

“I don’t think you typically fear 30-40 people within your football club, you do become like brothers… I think different is just so normal as an athlete.

"I struggled in that environment mentally and physically and so I think now, I am aware of what it did to me and what it could have done and I don't want the next 10-15 years to pass and things not to change...I think we are moving in the right direction now, I would like to think in some way I can contribute to that and I'm glad that I have done so far." 


The PFA recognises that to publicly come out as gay would be a life-changing decision for any current player.

We are here to offer our full support to any member who may be considering making this decision and have outlined a framework of how we can assist.

For more information about the support we can offer: click here

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