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PFA develops Neurodegenerative Disease Working Group

Premier League Captain's Statement

The PFA and PFA Charity are forming an advisory group to help define the union and charity’s future support provisions for former footballers with neurodegenerative conditions.

The PFA is aiming to bring together a group of people with different experiences and expertise to help refine its support provisions for former players with neurodegenerative conditions, including dementia and motor neurone disease. 

Previously our support has predominantly been based on financial assistance and advice.

Now, with the guidance of our working group, we want to ensure a more holistic support system is available for former footballers and their families.

By establishing this advisory group, we hope to give the people most affected a strong voice in how the PFA supports former players and seeks to protect current players.

We are currently part of a Research Task Force with other stakeholders in the game, which is focused on research, so this group is not intended to lead research decisions. Instead, we are hoping our advisory group can help guide the PFA with decisions regarding the support and protection of former and current footballers.

Advisory group members will be invited personally and are not yet confirmed. Our goal is to ensure good representation for former players and their families. We anticipate that the group may lead discussions around support provisions, specialist service providers, lobbying action and other ways the PFA respond to the needs of our membership affected by dementia and other neurodegenerative conditions.

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Neurodegenerative Disease Working Group

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