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Manchester United's 'Class of 92' to open university


Manchester United ‘Class of 92’ stars Gary and Phil Neville, Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes and Nicky Butt have set up a university.

University Academy 92 will offer degree courses from September in conjunction with Lancaster University.

The courses offer a range of subjects from accounting to communications and will give students the option to take four-hour lectures in the morning or the afternoon for four days a week.

Talking to the Today programme’s Nick Robinson, Gary and Phil Neville said their aims is to develop a student’s character and resilience, using the same methods used when they were taught as young professionals at Manchester United.

Gary Neville said; “If you said to me at the age 16 was I tough mentally or was a tough physically, no I wasn’t, I was nowhere near the level. It was developed by really great coaching.

“This idea that it can’t be taught as well – you can’t become tougher and have a better character and personality and be more resilient, it can be.

“The dream would be for me that we’ve taken our students through the programme and they’ve come out the other side and they feel ready for life and they’ve got great jobs.”

Women’s England Manager Phil Neville added: “A lot of things get said about young people of society nowadays, not having that character and resilience. Those were the values we were brought up on, we’ve tried to put that into our football club and now we want to instil that into our university and in modern society now.”

Professor Craig Gaskell will be the Principal of UA92: “Look at what the Class of 92 did, and they did that because of excellent support, excellent coaching and guidance.

“It’s not about football, it’s about understanding character and personal development, resilience, team-working, communication, leadership, and it’s those traits that they bring to the core of every academic programme that we run.”

Gary confirmed that the university has been given the thumbs up by their former manager Sir Alex Ferguson.


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