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Member Matters: How The Transfer List Works

Mark Bunn

Being released from a club can be an overwhelming experience and it can be difficult to work out what to do, or find the right support.

Each season the PFA compile a transfer list, a place where players out of contract and clubs can connect to match their needs.

With some great new changes this year, we’ve put together a full breakdown of the transfer list and how to get the best from it.

How does the transfer list work?

The transfer list is located on the PFA website, where players will need to log into their account for access to the link. You can then fill out the requested information including current club, mobile number, email and home address so we can locate you. You can upload a CV and include video footage to further enhance your profile. Once you’ve done that, you’re added on to a list of players that can be filtered by position and age. We also provide access to clubs domestically and internationally, so they can scout players they want from the list. They can then download your CV and watch your videos, and if they like what they see, they can request your contact details. When this happens, an automated email is sent to the player, club and the PFA, confirming the request, enabling the club and player to get in touch directly.

How can players access the list?

You can look at the list at any time, but you will need to be out-of-contract to be added. If you’ve been recently released from a club you can add your details, however if you are still under contract, you will need written approval from your club to confirm that you’re available for new opportunities.  If you play non-league or non-contract, you can stay on the list as long as you want, but make sure you let us know if you get signed. Every month we send out emails to remind players they’re still on the list and ask them to update us with any changes so we can keep it as up-to-date as possible.

What’s new on the transfer list for the upcoming season?

This year, there are a few updates to the transfer list to optimise what you can do with it, with more options for players to really personalise their profiles by adding their CV, career stats and videos. Players can now also search for clubs, and we’ll be releasing a map really soon, which will help players to locate any clubs nearby.  These tools will help support players to be proactive when searching for a new club. As always we are here to help the players plan their next steps both within and outside of football – so we would encourage all out-of-contract players to get in touch.

Who is the transfer list for?

The transfer list is for any player, at any level who finds themselves out of contract and seeking new opportunities with a different club. We push it via email and through our social media channels, and our Delegate Liaison team start conversations around the transfer list at that time of the season when players are coming out of contract. We also send our staff out during assessment trials to have a chat with players, and let them know about the transfer list, to ensure they put themselves in ‘the shop window’.

In the past it has proven particularly effective for scholars or young pros fresh out of academy or development squads who may not know much about non-league teams, which can often be the place to best accommodate their desire for regular first-team football.

What other support is available for out of contract players?

We have a 24-hour counselling helpline to support any players who may be struggling with big changes in their life and dealing with the challenges and stresses that leaving a club can bring. This year we will also be contacting players who are currently out of contract to catch-up with them and  try and help them with what comes next. Our education and coaching departments also do a lot of work in making sure players know what courses are available for them, encouraging all players to prepare for a career off the pitch. We want to keep as many players in football as possible, but if that’s not for them, players will also get funding support for any accredited course they want to take. We always make sure they know that there is a life beyond football, and the PFA is there to support them every step of the way.

If you are an out of contract player, you can access the transfer list here.


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