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The Professional Footballers’ Association is the world’s longest standing sportsperson’s union. 

The PFA provides support to players in every aspect of their lives, including:


Helping members find jobs within football through job searches, and provision of coaching qualifications.


Assisting players to give back to the communities in which they play, as well as further afield.


Providing advice, guidance and funding for the provision of educational and vocational courses.


Campaigning for equality, and actively standing against racism, gender inequality and other forms of discrimination.


Providing a Professional Footballers’ Pension Scheme, and where necessary, players can apply for hardship grants.

Heath & Wellbeing

Offering a network of over 100 counsellors, and a 24/7 telephone helpline. Members can also benefit from accident and sickness insurance.

Residential rehabilitation is accessible for members with medium to long-term injuries. Grants are available to former members who may need medical assistance outside of the parameters of the NHS.


Ensuring members receive advice and assistance on a variety of legal issues in relation to all football matters. Contractual advice and representation are offered to all players where a dispute may arise with a club.

Player Management

Ethical representation providing players with agent services without requiring a commission.

Celebrating Achievement

Every year, players are awarded for their achievements at the prestigious PFA Awards.


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