An open letter to members from Gordon Taylor

Gordon Taylor recommends Sport Resolutions leads a full and open review

Dear Members,

At an AGM today, Members of the Professional Footballers’ Association (PFA) have agreed a continuity plan that will provide the organisation with stability through its upcoming independent review process. 

As I’m sure you know, in February, Sport Resolutions was formally instructed to begin a review of the governance, management, and policies, procedures and operations of the PFA. This afternoon I, and the rest of the Management Committee, set out proposals which will ensure smooth management of the organisation throughout the period of the review. These proposals, which can be found below, have been approved by members.

The Management Committee and I have called this review to make sure that the PFA operates to the highest standards and in the best interests of you, our members.

Like all organisations, as we have grown we have faced new challenges. The PFA has only succeeded by constantly evolving over the last 40 years, and it is up to me and the Management Committee to ensure that we continue to rise to the challenges before us.

While there will sometimes be a difference in opinion about the direction of the union, we have always been united behind our common goal of maintaining the PFA as the pre-eminent sports union in the world.

Since I joined the PFA 40 years ago, we have grown from a staff of just 6 people, to a team of over ten times that number working across the whole of England, Wales and internationally. The excellent team is focussed on tackling the most important issues in the game such as mental health, retraining, player welfare, discrimination and, above all, contractual strength and the future of the game.

I am extremely proud of the work we are doing and the direction we are going in. The organisation is in good health, and our recent deal with the Premier League will ensure we can continue to do more for all our members on the issues that matter the most.

I always gave my best for the teams I played for and it goes without saying that I am extremely proud of the work and input that the PFA has had on the development of the greatest game in the world.

We have come far, but I also know that we can never be complacent and must strive to be at the cutting edge for the good of our members and the good of the game. I will continue to fight for the organisation, its members and our role in the sport – both in this country and worldwide.

I’m proud of what we have built together by constantly looking to the future, and excited for the next phase of the PFA’s growth.

I have given the majority of my life to the advancement of the PFA and I hope I have provided a platform for our continued success in the future.

Best wishes,

Gordon Taylor OBE

Proposal for the future of the PFA

The Management Committee sets out below its proposals, which have been approved at the AGM, for a continuity plan that will provide the organisation with stability through the upcoming independent review process and ensure the smooth management of the organisation.

  • Members of the Management Committee have met four times since December and worked hard to agree on the best way forward for the organisation.
  • This informal mediation process has been successful and resulted in an agreed plan for the way forward.
  • The Management Committee will oversee the review and will consider and publish the key findings and recommendations which the review delivers.
  • The Management Committee has unanimously agreed that all members of the Management Committee and the PFA CEO will remain in place throughout this period to provide stability and continuity of leadership.
  • A small Steering Group has been established who will meet on a regular basis to act as the point of contact for Sport Resolutions throughout the review.
  • Following the conclusion of the review, a formal independent recruitment process will start for a new CEO of the PFA.
  • Once that recruitment process has concluded, the current CEO, Chairman and Management Committee will all step down at the AGM following the end of that process.
  • This process will include a controlled transition period to the new CEO, ensuring stability and sufficient continuity to protect the organisation.
  • The current CEO, Chairman and members of the Management Committee will not be considered for the new CEO role within the PFA at this point or for a further period of 5 years.
  • The recommendations from the review, if approved, will be implemented within the new leadership structure.