Time to Talk Day 2019


Thursday 7th February 2019 is Time to Talk Day, a day to start a conversation about mental health.

Mental health issues can affect anyone at anytime.

PPF, (Professional Players Federation) have created a video to highlight the importance of mental health amongst sports people.

In the piece, former footballer Sean Davis, ex-rugby player Nils Mordt, former jockey Dom Elsworth and ex-cricketer Matt Maynard disuss and share their experiences of mental health in sport.

Good mental health is vital for peak performance in sport, if you need to talk, the PFA are here to listen.

The PFA provides members with a 24/7 counselling telephone helpline. This 'round-the-clock' support is available to all members past and present.

Contact us ...

All services are private and confidential, PFA members (or concerned friends and family) can contact the PFA:

  •     Email: wellbeing@thepfa.co.uk
  •     PFA Members can call the 24hr Counselling Helpline: 07500 000 777