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Using the power of the players to benefit your business

The role of the PFA commercial department has developed significantly in recent years and is now very much a key aspect of the work of the union. With offices in London and Manchester, the variety of work now undertaken on behalf of both current and former members of the PFA is considerable.

PFA Enterprises provides opportunities for organisations to link with the players union in order to both enhance their commercial credibility and reach an illustrious group of individuals. With 4,000 current and almost 10,000 former members, the potential of the PFA offering is significant in a number of ways:

  • Provides companies with an opportunity to raise their profile by aligning with the most established sporting union in the world – the PFA is also one of the most respected organisations in the modern game.
  • Opens the door to a completely unique market of highly valued individuals.
  • Provides business networking opportunities only available through membership of such an exclusive group of companies with a common aim.
  • Access to huge numbers of football fans throughout the country.
  • Provides endorsement opportunities from high profile individuals it delivers well-recognised names and faces that can make a good event a memorable one

Driven by Commercial Directors, George Berry in Manchester and Colin Hill in London, all the staff are totally focused on helping you achieve your commercial objectives through the potent marketing vehicle that is football.

We have developed a range of quite unique marketing initiatives that are designed to provide great opportunities for companies and organisations looking to maximise the potential of the players.

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