Manchester City's Sergio Aguero celebrates

The Professional Footballers’ Association (PFA) was formed on 2nd December 1907 and is the world’s longest established professional sportsperson’s union. 

The aims of the PFA are to protect, improve and negotiate the conditions, rights and status of all professional players by collective bargaining agreements.

The PFA has been successful throughout its history in the challenges it has faced due to the strength of support from its members.

In 1978 a player’s right to move at the end of his contract was fully recognised with a more efficient procedure being established. An Appeals Committee with an independent chairman was set up to consider disputes arising from the question of a compensation (transfer) fee and the PFA is represented on this committee. 

Also, in 1978 the PFNC was established with equal representation of the PFA and the Football League under an independent chairman to meet on a regular basis and under this committee all matters affecting the game and players are discussed and no changes to a player’s conditions may be made without PFA agreement. 

This committee was renamed in 1992 to the PFNCC (Professional Football Negotiating and Consultative Committee) to include the Football Association and the newly formed Premier League.

In more recent times when the role of the PFA has been fully appreciated by its members who supported it in disputes with the Premier League, the Football League and the Football Association with regard to the PFA’s entitlement to a percentage of television revenue. 

In particular, in 2001 members were balloted with regard to strike action with a union record 92% return and 99% of those returned supported the union and industrial action if necessary. This show of support and strength for the Association enabled a satisfactory agreement to be reached and strike action was averted.

The PFA is a key member of the International Players’ Association, FIFPro, and was instrumental in the changes to the international transfer system following the Bosman ruling and negotiates with FIFA and the European Commission. We are also key members of the Professional Players’ Federation (PPF), a body of major sporting players’ associations.

The PFA is a key figure in all aspects of the professional game which affects its members and has added to its reputation on the principle of caring for the interests of the game as a whole, in addition to the interests of its members. 

We have also been successful in initiating a unique Community Programme and anti-racism campaigns as well as working with the Football League, the Premier League, the Football Association and the Football Foundation on charity and community initiatives.

In January 2013 The Professional Footballers' Association Charity was incorporated with Companies House and registered with the Charity Commission. Company number: 08352024 / Charity number: 1150458.

The experience and expertise the PFA has gained since its formation ensures it is able to provide the best advice, representation and assistance in all aspects of a player’s career and beyond.