Football in England has a number of rules relating to betting which affect all players, managers, coaches, club medical staff and other Participants (e.g. Directors, Licensed agents). 

The purpose of this guide is to tell you what these rules are, what they mean and how they affect you.

The rules cover three main areas:

  • Betting
  • The use of Inside Information 
  • Match Fixing

The reason English football has rules in this area is to ensure that in every football match both teams and individual players are playing to the best of their ability and with a clear motivation to win the game, without any conflicting objectives for either club or any player or club official.

It is also very important for the integrity and reputation of the game that players, managers, coaches and other club officials are not involved in betting (for example, on promotion and relegation and next manager markets).

Furthermore, due to your position in the game, you are sometimes privy to information that would possibly enable you to make money (or enable others to make money) through betting activity. Again, this type of activity is detrimental to the image and reputation of the game and is not permitted under the rules.

Members who would like further clarification on any of the betting regulations, or would like to speak with the PFA in confidence can contact us on: