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PFA History


The 1900's

Facing up to the powers that were, they risked total banishment from the game: this is the story of the players who fought for financial and contractual justice for all.

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Football Wizard

The Football Wizard

Billy Meredith was one of football’s most extraordinary and controversial characters. Ninety years after his last match, his name is still one of soccer’s most famous.

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The 1920's

The First World War saw the Players Union close down as professional football ceased and hundreds of players joined the armed forces

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The 1930's

The game went global with the launch of the World Cup, but British football remained in a league of its own as players fought for better contracts and war loomed again.

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The 1940's

Football is forced to take a back seat as war rages, at a huge financial and professional cost to many players. But the fight for pay and conditions gets a boost when peace returns.

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The 1950's

As football was brought into the nation’s living rooms on a regular basis, the union faced upheaval and overhaul, and took its first steps into the wider union movement.

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The 1960's

While England’s players triumph on the pitch, their union scores historic victories that will change their plight beyond belief – but they nearly bring the game to a halt in the process

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The Black Explosion: George Berry

The 1970s

Building on the victories of the 1960s, the union gained a stronger foothold in the running of the game, and devised a way to present its members in a more favourable light ...

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The 1980s

As economic recession hits Britain, football finds itself struggling in the face of hooliganism, drastically falling attendance figures and a series of devastating crowd disasters.

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Behind the Glory: 100 Years of the PFA

Behind the Glory: 100 Years of the PFA

This title tells the story of the Professional Footballers' Association and the role they played in shaping the nation's favourite game. It gives fascinating insight into many great football characters.

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