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Doping Control


The FA’s Doping Control rules and procedures, protects the integrity of the game and helps to safeguard the health of players.

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Medication and TUEs

Most of the drugs on The FA’s banned list are contained in everyday medicines, so it’s important to always make sure that your medicine is safe before you take it.

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Testing & Whereabouts

There are many ways that a player might risk a suspension under Doping Control Regs. Obvious examples like testing positive from a test, but less obvious ways such as supplying banned drugs to others.

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Drug Testing

Players can be asked to provide a urine/blood sample at any time when their squad are training or at a match. If a player is absent, they may be tested during a one hour window, provided as part of the whereabouts info.

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Social Drugs & Alcohol

FA Doping Control Regulations prohibit players from taking social drugs at all times. Alcohol is not banned, but most cases where players have tested positive for social drugs, they have been drunk at the time.

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Key Contacts

As this section shows, Doping Control can sometimes seem complicated. If you are in any doubt, speak to your club staff, or contact The FA or PFA for more information.

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