The Zesh Rehman Foundation

The Zesh Rehman Foundation has recruited trustees, advisors and staff with extensive knowledge and experience of the football industry, coach and player development and the youth and community sector to ensure our work is cutting edge, relevant and of the highest standard. This initial focus on staff recruitment gives us confidence that our work will not only deliver against our programme objectives, but also embed the programme within the wider football network to offer pathways and progression opportunities for participants. Our portfolio of projects has three distinct strands;

  • The first strand of our work will focus on using football as a tool for social change, delivering grass roots projects in the UK that focus on football as a pathway and platform for community cohesion, integration and offer pathways into training and citizenship programmes in marginalised communities and neighbourhoods.
  • The second will focus more formally on developing football skills, playing opportunities and pathways into employment in the wider football industry through coaching clinics and soccer schools, coaching courses and careers seminars. Ultimately we will seek to launch an academy focusing on player and official development.

Recognising the resonance that Zesh Rehman has with the Asian communities not only in the UK but overseas, the Foundation will also seek to build working relationships with communities, football clubs and players in Asia and beyond through skills exchanges, international development work and project partnerships with like-minded organisations.

In delivering projects to deliver against these strands of work, quality assurance, monitoring and evaluation will be at the heart of our work to ensure the best quality support for project participants is available, and that funders and supporters can be sure that their funding is utilised effectively in supporting our aims and objectives.

What we want to achieve

From our work we ultimately want to see the Asian population better represented in football. Not only playing the sport at a professional level but also when it comes to match officials, coaches, administrators, media and even at grounds as supporters.