The union learning fund (ULF) supports union learning projects to transform the lives of their members in developing skills, achieving qualifications and promoting lifelong learning opportunities within the workplace.

‘Achievement through Sport’

‘Achievement through Sport’ is the third project the PFA has ran with the union learning fund and its objectives are listed below:

  • to extend the learning opportunities for our members
  • to take our ‘brand’ to assist community trusts in their education provision
  • engage dissadvantaged learners and tackle skills gaps and shortages using football clubs as the ‘hook’
  • to help maximise the use of learner centres at the clubs
  • where appropriate to use current and former members to promote and enhance
  • to achieve outcome targets  and on budget

Our ULF projects have become embedded within our wider union activities and provide links to our education, community, coaching, player welfare and equalities departments.

Former project worker Michael Bennett is now the Head of Player Welfare and another former project worker Oshor Williams is the current Assistant Director of Education as well as numerous other staff members who are all trained union learning representatives.

With our full coterie of union learning representatives (ULRs) at clubs around the country, some with learner centres we have established or enhanced, we have ensured a sustainable legacy for future learning opportunities for our members and the wider local communities.

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