Sporting Chance Clinic

Sporting Chance Clinic has created a specialised environment where men and women from all standards of sport can come and address various issues in their lives. We treat each person as an individual with unique problems and difficulties.

As our residential programmes does not take more than four people at a time, we are able to give people the attention and understanding they need.  The programme is demanding and intensive, yet at the same time supportive and nurturing.

Our experienced and dedicated team endeavour to help our clients to understand, accept and deal with the problems they are facing. Our aim is to enable and empower our clients to develop new habits and make lasting changes in their lives. We recognise that an individual’s addictions or other destructive behaviours will have had a negative effect on their families, loved ones and employers. Therefore we seek to involve those close to the client in the recovery process wherever possible and provide additional levels of support where needed.

“The team are highly qualified, professional and expert in what they do. More importantly they all have experience of addiction in their own lives and have sought help. They are passing on experience and knowledge.”

Peter Kay, CEO

Sporting Chance Clinic utilises a house and cottage within the grounds of Forest Mere, quiet and secluded from the main resort complex. Our clients have the privacy and safety of the clinic and at the same time are able to use the main complex for gym work, swimming and spa facilities. We also benefit from eating at the award winning Champneys restaurant where the food complies with our nutritional beliefs.

These factors all contribute to Sporting Chance Clinic’s ethos of a holistic recovery for mind, body and soul.