Providing a Supremely comfortable & cooling sleep through ‘Innovative Luxury’

We’re passionate about exploring the best, new ways of achieving the age old necessities of physical well-being and peace of mind in our slumber. We call it Innovative Luxury.

The Sonlevo mattress range uses our brand new foam technology ‘Avid’ to deliver 400% greater airflow than standard foam.  Supporting your body’s natural shape is vitally important to correct sleep, equally so is airflow which allows the body to regulate temperature.  We’ve Combined these two elements to ensure you experience your best night’s sleep.

Our Sonlevo range offers a collection of escalating mattress designs that use Avid technology & pocket springs to tailor your level of comfort.  It also includes a collection of bed bases with multiple storage options, headboard designs and bedding accessories for the complete sleep solution.


We are proud to offer all PFA members exclusive discounts on the entire Sonlevo range. Find out more here.

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