Rio Ferdinand Living The Dream

Growing up in South London, and through my experience visiting cities around the UK and overseas, I am acutely aware of the challenges that face young people growing up in communities where money and opportunities are rare. The public face of these communities, through press coverage and reputation, focuses entirely on the negative – unemployment, substance misuse, youth crime and gang violence. As a result young people and families often suffer from a lack of aspiration and understanding of the options they have. Yet I know that behind that image lies a wealth of untapped potential and talent that given the right opportunity and nurturing can truly achieve across a range of careers.

The Rio Ferdinand Live The Dream Foundation has been established to develop education, training and employment support programmes within those deprived communities that suffer from a lack of resources and opportunities. We will also offer support, pathways to excellence and careers guidance to all participants in our programmes regardless of social or economic background. Using our own expertise and network of contacts across the sports, arts and cultural industries we will deliver skills projects, vocational training, careers support and mentoring to help young people raise their aspirations and realise their ambitions.